preparing your amazing mixes for mastering.

If you do these things we will all look like geniuses.

  • If possible make the mixes fade in and out how you already want them.

  • Make sure they at least all start and stop clean.

  • Make sure the mixes are WAV 44.1 16 Bit or Higher.

  • Did the artist give you a gold star and sign off on the mix?

  • Pull off your final limiter unless it’s a make or break to the mix. I know it’s 2019, just give me some room to make your mix sound like a number one record please.

  • Dynamic Range of -8 or more would be amazing. Output below 0 DB please.

  • Triple check that you’re sending the right final mix.

  • Please send Instrumentals, TV Mix, or any other versions with the final mix.

  • Make sure you bounced with plugins at full resolution and turn off any room calibration software.

  • Sorry I have to ask again…. is this really the final mix?

Master formats

• 44.1 kHz, 16 bit is still standard for CD and almost all Digital Distributors.

• 44.1kHz, 24-bit and higher is for Mastered For iTunes (You need to contact your distributor about this process and make sure you follow the correct procedures for MFiT, I will give you my provider information when the time comes for you to get that sweet little badge).

•48kHz, 24bit for all your insanely creative music videos.

• 96kHz, 24-bit or 88.2kHz, 24-bit Hi-Res Mastered files for platforms that support HD.

Loudness - I am fully aware of the loudness wars. I will master your mix as loud as you want it. it’s your choice. don’t let a distributor or anyone shame you for wanting your music compressed or dynamic. It’s your art. Let me help honor that.