The most important pieces of gear I have are my ears and experience. Over the last ten years I have acquired a lot of wisdom on where songs are and where they need to go. This then dictates what gear to use or more importantly what not to use.

I mainly work with analog gear. I do finishing touches with digital. 

I work in a room that is flat, phase, and time aligned so I hear your music correctly. 

Lynx Hilo Mastering Grade Convertors 

Custom cables from Mogami, Belden, and Canare

Monitoring: Barefoot and Genelec

Metering: Dorrough Loudness Monitor and Bettermaker Digital Meters

Some of the pieces of outboard gear I have are, Manley Massive Passive Original Silverface, Bettermaker Mastering Limiter, Overstayer MAS, STAM SA4000 (SSL G COMP), Vintage Tube Saturator, Black Lion AM/CHA 1 Mastering EQ with Vintage Cinemag transformers, Vintage Yamaha EQ, Vintage Loft Limiter, Aphex Exciter, and the Elysia Compressor. 

Every project is different. I pick gear based on what will serve the project the best. I also can rent any piece of gear you could want as I live five minutes from Black Bird Gear Rentals if there is something specific you want.