The most important pieces of gear I have are my ears and experience. Over the last ten years I have acquired a lot of wisdom on where songs are and where they need to go. This then dictates what gear to use or more importantly what not to use. But I also love gear.

I mainly work with analog gear. I do finishing touches with digital. 

I work in a room that is flat, phase, and time aligned so I hear your music correctly. 

Lynx Hilo Mastering Grade Convertors 

Custom cables from Mogami, Belden, and Canare

Monitoring: Barefoot and Genelec

Metering: Dorrough Loudness Monitor and Bettermaker Digital Meters

Outboard Analog:

Pultec EQP-1A3 Stereo Pair EQ Vintage with original 1960s transformers, NOS, and API Gain Stage.

API 2164 Amps from Mastering Labs studios from the Sax Brothers console (1970’s) Used on Steely Dan Aja, Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan and many other hit records.

Manley Massive Passive Stereo Equalizer Original Hardwired Silverface with NOS Tubes (20 Years Old).

Tube Tech LCA 2B Compressor/Limiter NOS Tubes.

Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

Overstayer MAS Mastering Edition

Stam SA4000 with 4 VCA Chips (SSL G Comp Killer)

Black Lion AM/CHA 1 Mastering EQ with Vintage Cinemag Transformers and modded power supply.

Elysia Xpressor Class A Stereo Compressor

Vintage CBS FM Volumax Multi-Band 4110 modded for higher headroom and max loudness for 2019

Vintage Shure M63 EQ, modded (Pultec Style)

Vintage Loft Limiter

Vintage Aphex Exciter

Vintage Yamaha Stereo EQ

A bunch of other old quirky gear, tube boxes, and saturators for all the indie or coloring vibes that are needed.

Every project is different. I pick gear based on what will serve the project the best. I also can rent any piece of gear you could want as I live five minutes from Black Bird Gear Rentals if there is something specific you want.