12 Days

My wife and I moved to Nashville three years ago with hopes of breaking into the music industry. I arrived with no clients, few partners, few references, and minimal gear. I've since founded Moses Mastering and been blessed with a ton of great relationships with great people, locals and non-locals alike.

Moreover, I'm a firm believer in celebrating your success stories, both large and small. Life is challenging sometimes, especially for those of us trying to make a career out of music. So I believe there's no shame in celebrating your achievements, especially when they coincide with the achievements of others.

I should probably clarify that last sentence. As a mixing and mastering engineer, I count the success of my clients as small successes of my own. We win together, and we lose together. I love seeing the people I work with do well, partly because I'm simply happy for them and partly because I feel like I can identify with their accomplishments.

This year, I've been blessed to work with a ton of amazing artists, bands, and labels, so I'm going to celebrate by kicking off a Moses Mastering Blog with a 12-day series on some of the best things to come out of 2016 for me and for those I work with.

So starting tomorrow, check out the blog if you want to read about artists, including Monster Florence, Haste the Day, Kari Jobe, Teasley, and others, as well as some of my own personal victories. After this series, I'm going to keep creating posts with Mixing & Mastering Tips, Music News & Reviews, Gear Talk, or whatever else I feel like sharing when the time comes.

Happy holidays, everyone!