We are forgetful people. Most of us never take the time to really reflect on where we are and where we have been. 

I was reminded of this last week, when I met with a buddy who one year ago was new to town, and now is busy with work, producing with artists, he has friends and clients he never knew until the last 12 months. Before he came here, he was almost paralyzed with fear of whether or not he should come to Nashville.

Our conversation was about how he manages all his clients, how to grow, how he can stay healthy and improve his skills and how to take his current spot and elevate it over the next year. 

I told him to think back to our phone call before he moved, when he was terrified, scared, and I told him that he could do it. That a year from now if he worked hard and would be nice and honest, he would be just fine. It will be hard, but it will be good, right, and just what you need to grow....

We both almost had tears of joy... just big smiles.... how we both had grown so much...  

With that being said..... I am taking two weeks of from blogging. I am going off the grid, because I want to reflect on the last year of writing, podcasting, and working to gain clarity and encouragement as well as gratitude. 

We get to do this.... can you believe it? 

Take time over the next two weeks to see where you have been and where you have gone. 

Go back to some of my first blogs or your favorite blogs and re-read them. I promise it will hit you in a new way and you will learn something again. 

Thank you so much to all my readers and friends. So much love. 

See you in two weeks.