1 Year

The blog is 1 YEAR OLD!

I wanted to first say THANK YOU! 

For all those that have read, commented, messaged, encouraged and interacted with the blog, THANK YOU! 

My goal for when I started the blog was to share some things that I have learned mainly the hard way in life and how that applies to the music industry. I wanted to see if I could do it for a year and here we are.

We’ve done it.  

There are now over 80+ blog posts and we’ve had tens of thousands of views over the year, which blows my mind.  

I really have learned a lot over the year and I wanted to share a few of those things with you.  

Blogging has become therapeutic to me. It’s really easy to get stuck in your head all day long and find your inner dialogue to be like a broken record. I heard a quote once that went along the lines of.. “Your head is made for solving problems not keeping problems”.

This is so true.

Most of my blogs have come from my inner dialogues, struggles, lots of fears, failures, stresses and anxieties. Life will always be full of those things and what matters is how you approach them. You can keep them locked up in your own head, isolate yourself, and think that you’re the only one with issues and problems in life or you can free yourself from that burden and learn quickly that everything you’re going through is very normal and the more you put language to those things the more they lose power.

Blogging has become a great way to free up my mind. I highly recommend people giving it a try, even if it’s just for yourself. We all have a unique perspective to share.  

The first thing I’ve learned, is that consistency is so important in life. When I started blogging a year ago, I also decided to take social media seriously for my business. I went from inconsistent interaction and posting to posting online everyday and blogging at least once a week. What I have found is a whole new community of people who are wonderful.

At first the blog would get a few views, then it was ten, then a hundred, and now it’s closer to a thousand a month. The first few months I thought it was a waste, that no one cared, and then the snowball started to roll down the hill and now it’s getting larger and larger by the day. My social media interactions went from next to nothing to hundreds. These numbers are not really important, but what is important is that I have found so many amazing people to talk to, learn from, and my business has grown in ways I never thought possible. This only came from being consistent and taking the next right step each day. 

The next thing I have learned is that honesty and vulnerability will always be what is most popular. It’s really strange, that our faults and failures, our wounds often become our glory in life. For some reason our society has put so much pressure on looking a certain way, being a certain way, and striving for perfection.

Having an expectation in life that you have to be perfect and have it all together is just not the reality of life. Having it all together looks a lot more like showing your faults, working through them, and seeing that you are normal. That all your fears and failures actually give hope and life to other people that most likely resonate with those things. We are all human and at the core have the same needs. Essentially we all want to know that we are ok, we are loved, and that we have purpose.

By sharing all my failures and things I have messed up in life in the blogs it’s given people hope, affirmation that they are normal. I have learned to fight for transparency and vulnerability with people over this year through this blog. What I thought would make me look weak or not qualified by sharing my struggles has actually made me more free and spacious in life.

The burden of having to look cool or have it all together or always play the industry game of looking busy no longer is in my life. I have embraced me, myself, and shared it with the world and it’s freeing. I highly recommend you do the same.  

As I look at this last month of the year, I am so grateful for everyone who reads these. If there is anything I can ever do for any of you, you know where to find me:)  




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