2 Million

As I said in the post introducing this twelve-day series, I'm a big believer in celebrating your achievements, especially when they coincide with the achievements of others. Life has too many ups and downs for us to not occasionally step back and reflect on the good things that happened.

2016 was certainly filled with both ups and downs.

My personal achievement, however, is hitting over 2 million online streams of music I worked on over the past 12 months. This includes anything that I touched, whether mixing, mastering, producing, or what have you. What's more, the 2 million only includes traffic on Spotify and Soundcloud. It doesn't include services like iTunes or YouTube. In addition to this, I've worked on four albums that have been on iTunes top ten. 

I want to reiterate that this is not simply on account of my work. Since moving here three years ago, I continue to be blessed with great partnerships and relationships. You guys keep making good tunes, and I'll keep doing my best to make them sound as good as I can!