Unused Energy

I want to try and unpack this concept of unused energy. Within each of us are creative energies. 

We all have desires, wants, needs, and often urges to be somewhere else, to create something different, to go out on an adventure, to try something new, yet we squash it. 

As I have learned personally over the years, the best way for me to be a whole happy human is to actually create something. When I find myself stressed, anxious, or depressed, it is normally because I have unused energy in myself. 

Our anxieties stem directly from our unused energy. 

I am a huge believer that if you give someone purpose, in most cases they will no longer be depressed. If you give someone an outlet to create, to be themselves, their anxieties go away, and if you allow someone to ask for help their stress level goes drastically down. 

I am not a doctor nor professional, but I have been helped and guided by both over the years. I have helped others in my mentoring program go from anxious and depressed to excited and fulfilled. This has come from a direct result of reminding people that we all have energy in our bodies and that it needs to come out. 

When we block or don't use the energy that is in us, it will manifest itself in negative physical ways. 

The reason I think instagram and social media causes mental health issues, is because when we view it, our minds feel immediately overwhelmed that everyone else is getting out their creative energies, that everyone else has purpose, that everyone else has the perfect life, and it stirs up in us everything we wish we were doing. 

Social Media has created a false sense of identity and perfection. 

When we take part in social media, most people leave feeling worse then when they started. The only way I feel better after being on social media is if I see a dog booping a humans nose or a kola taking a nap, and even then I wish I was there doing those things instead of sitting on my couch alone. 

What we have forgotten is that we are all free to create. We are all free to go get a dog, find a kola, and make changes. 

When I was at one of my lowest points in my life, there was a direct correlation between time I spent creating and time I spent isolated. The less I created, the less I participated in society, the more anxious and depressed I got. The more I watched everyone else participate in life on instagram, the more I felt alone, left out and without purpose. Maybe you can relate?

The way I got myself out of the lowest point in my life was by being reminded of who I was, which is a human, equal to all, already enough, and then also that I have the freedom to create, move, leave, join, make, cook, paint, garden, try, fail, learn, grow, without needing anyones approval. 

We all have things in us that we wish we would do. When I ask people who I mentor what is holding them back, it is always deeply rooted in what others think. It is always wrapped up in shame and guilt and the anxieties of "what if". They have these amazing desires to have their own studio, to create a new digital platform for musicians, to move from their toxic hometown, yet they are stuck. Their energies are unused and then they feel constantly like they are either about to explode one day or fall deeper into a state of depression the other. 

The more I create, the more I feel at peace. The more I participate in real life and not online, the more grounded I feel. The more relationships I create, the more human and equal I feel. 

We are made to use all our energy. To use all our bodies until we take our last breath and even then we can donate our bodies to allow others to live on. We are here to create. If you deny yourself that freedom then it should be no surprise to see our bodies respond in anyway it can to get our attention. Our bodies are amazing. Any feeling we get is a direct response to something going on that needs addressed. It needs looked at. It needs attention. When we don't use up our energy, then that energy is going to get out in unhealthy ways. 

If you feel stressed, lost, and anxious, try to do something you actually like doing. Instead of scrolling through instagram for twenty minutes go do something for you. The cool thing about this is that once you begin to use your energies your mind quickly retrains. It quickly is reminded that we are here to help, to create, to learn and grow. That we have these desires and dreams for a reason and the more we tap into those things the more we feel human. 

So go create, go participate, take care of yourself, remember who you are and be true to that. You are amazing, you are equal to all, and you have energy each day that wants to get out and help grow and heal the world around us. 


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