99% of those who read this blog will not apply any of it. 

This is normal..... but why? 

99% of people who get told how to "do it", how to become successful, won't take any action. 

How many resources do we have on how to lose weight? How many resources do we have on how to have a thriving business? How many resources do we have on how to have healthy relationships? How many resources do we have on audio? 

At this point, it feels like an unlimited supply. A quick google search of any of those topics and you will find more material then you could get through in your lifetime. 

So why is it that with the answers right in front of us, we as people still don't apply it?  

Why is it that I can tell everyone around me how I do what I do, literally tell them what I use, how I use it, how I got to where I am and yet 99% of people are still in the same place two years, five years, ten years, later. Surely I am not some super human.... (I am truly not.. holy crap so many flaws like everyone else) 

If I look at what made me shift into someone who applies and takes action, it's heavily wrapped up in finally looking fear in the face and putting it in the backseat. 

Fear is the 100 reasons why something will fail. 

We all have fear, we all get scared, we all think of how much work it would take to actually create something. We all quickly realize that the hard work is not sexy, nor fun most the time and so we go back to our couch and put on Netflix while scrolling through Instagram watching everyone else supposedly do what we wish we could do. This creates a terrible cycle in our heads. We try to do something, we give up, then we go and watch everyone else's highlight reel. 

Don’t let fear stop you. Become friends with fear but tell it to get in the backseat.  

Stop going after perfection. 

If I could have a dollar every time an artist told me they want the song to be perfect, or they won't put out a song until it's perfect, or that they can't do shows yet because the band isn't perfect, or the lights are not perfect, or the venue isn't perfect, or they don't have the right gear to record a band perfectly..... I would be rich. 

I started making money off music when I stopped chasing perfect and started taking action. 

The first time I got paid for music was selling three beats to a rapper. I made these beats in garage band, they were not perfect, they were terrible, but he drove to my apartment, gave me a hundred dollars and I was in business. I ran upstairs showed my wife, and then went and made more imperfect beats.

After that I started recording people in a closet with three hundred dollars of gear, egg cartons as acoustic treatment. It was far from perfect, but I was making money. 

The list goes on and on of how imperfect all my setups have been. 

Perfect is a moving target... and also overrated and boring.  

Start creating and start doing, start putting things out and stop letting "perfect" be an excuse. 

99% of you won't do anything I am saying in this blog because you spend all your time comparing yourself to others. 

When I realized that my path and my lane are actually my keys to success, comparing myself to everyone else became a joke. I don't want anyone else's life or path because it's not for me. The grass is always greener if you make it that way. I stopped. I began to celebrate others. I began to love my own green grass. 

Combat comparison with celebration. 

When you begin to celebrate others and yourself, comparison becomes a distant memory. The only way to make it in this industry is to fully embrace what you do that no one else can do. But this isn't always sexy either. When you see someone do something great, tell them. 

Validation kills more dreams then other people. 

This one is maybe the biggest factor on why 99% of you won't apply anything I am saying. You crave validation and acceptance from your friends or family or Instagram. You care too much about how others view you. You want them to see you as successful or healthy or smart or strong or whatever you have made up based on a past hurt most likely that is keeping you from really going after what you want and believe in.

News flash, no one is really that important, they are not thinking about you so get over it and do what you want. 

Validation from others keeps us safe, in check, in line, it keeps our ego happy in our small tribe and keeps us from going after what we really want to. When I stopped caring about what others thought of me, everything changed. This doesn't mean you get to be a jerk to someone. It's the opposite, it means you get to be yourself and figure out how the unique gifts you have can help heal others.

But this takes courage, it takes you, embracing you. It takes you maybe believing something different. Taking a different path. Knowing that people will question. People will talk. They may use shame tactics to keep you down, they may use fear tactics to show you why you can't, and they may guilt you into staying because they are actually jealous that you want to move forward and explore. All these things are textbook. It will happen when you want to move forward in life. 

To summarize. The keys to a happy whole life that 99% of you will not apply are.....

Put fear in the backseat, we all have fear, it's not strange, it's normal. 

Stop going after perfection, start putting stuff out, showing up, and learning. 

Combat comparison with celebration. 

Stop looking for validation from others, you are already enough. 


I hope you become the 1% that does apply this ....and then help others discover it as well. 




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