It’s very easy to get bitter, jealous, upset, and tight when we see people in our life succeeding. In the music industry you have this fine balance of wanting people to succeed but also realizing at the end of the day they are your competition.  

But are they really your competition?  

This is something I have wrestled with for years.  

I remember seeing people win awards or get a million plays on a song and the first thing I would do is think ,”Why don’t I have that?” “What makes them so much more special then me?”, “I am so much better then them!”.     

These types of statements that we make to ourselves are detrimental and are a dead giveaway to how we view the world.  

When we have this kind of approach to life and our friends or even people we don’t know, it creates a world that is very limited. It approaches the world in a way that is scarce, instead of viewing the world as abundance.  

The universe is expanding and although there may be some natural resources that are limited, to view the world as a place that only has so much to go around is a poor way to live.  

Comparing yourself to others who are on their own journey and path is a waste of time. It will steal any sort of joy or progress you're making and it will only bog you down with bitterness and a jealous soul. I can remember when one of my good friends managed to achieve something very lofty in a short amount of time and I thought to myself, “this is not fair”.  

Now that he has this award for the same field I am in, surely I will lose business and no one will want to work with me.  

This simple is not true.  

The world is full of abundance and it thrives on celebrating peoples victories. We are all in this thing together. Celebrating other peoples victories is therapy to our soul and the world.

When we celebrate other people it should spur us on to think about all the possibilities of what could happen to us. If one person can achieve something great, then why couldn’t I achieve something great.  

Whether you believe the world is free or random or planned out, one thing we can all land on is that it sure is full of a lot of mystery and questions left unanswered. Sometimes good things happen to bad people and sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes people who are not as qualified as you get the spotlight and sometimes we get the spotlight when we don’t deserve it. The world is full of abundance and we all have unlimited potential.  

When I made the shift to start celebrating other peoples victories, I noticed my whole self start to open up. I noticed I began to see things as a little more spacious and clear. The person who I viewed as competition no longer was that, but they became someone I could journey along side of and be encouraged that if they can achieve a certain thing then surely I could too.  

We’re all not eating from the same pizza.  

Let me explain.  

There is not one giant pizza we are all eating from. Every time someone achieves something, wins something, or moves forward, this does not mean we have less pizza to eat.  

Which is a fear of mine.... always... you can never have too much pizza.  

Instead we all have our own pizza and we’re all are at a pizza place.  

We all get to cook, bake, and enjoy our own pizza.   

So when Joe wins an award, that’s his pizza. He is not eating my pizza. We all have unlimited pizza. Heck, we are at an all you can eat pizza buffet if you want to think about it that way.  

What I am trying to say, is that you can have a mindset that the world is screwed and things are super tight and that when someone does something great that means it takes away from your potential greatness or.... you can view it as, we’re all on our own path and journey and greatness is for everyone.  

if you think this sounds like everyone singing songs around the campfire and holding hands... it kind of is.... but thats fun.  

If you think this is crap, just humor me and the next time someone posts something online that is great, that kind of jabs you and makes you feel bitter, immediately comment.  Tell them good job, congrats, celebrate with them.. heck, toss a party for them. Doing this is so freeing, it takes the pressure of a lot things in life and it helps us be more human. It helps us see that we’re all here in the same boat, just trying to be loved, have purpose, and do somethings while we spin through space for eighty years.  

Celebrate this week!  



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