Teasley's "Hit It"

When I met Teasley about five or six years ago, I was most impressed by one thing: He understood the importance of having a long-term vision in the music industry. Very rarely do you find an artist who is self aware of the fact that talent is only a small part of the big picture. This industry rewards those who do not give up. He never gave up.

Teasley's single "Hit It" and his newly released EP Feeling Better are the product of a seasoned individual in the music industry. He didn't come out of nowhere; he's been writing and improving for over half a decade at least. It's awesome to see what he's capable of now that his skills have started to aligned to support his inimitable sense of creativity.

Teasley's "Hit It" was an MTV top ten single. Aspiring musicians and artists should acknowledge that, although new artists seem to come out of nowhere, they actually often put a lot of time into projects that don't get far before they begin to make it big.

Be sure to check out his recent work. Honored to help by mastering his great work.