Travis Ball


I want you to meet the talented Travis Ball. He lives in Nashville and engineers and mixes. If you want to learn from someone who is actually in the industry, working hard, and building a career, this is a must read. 

Name: Travis Ball

Location: Nashville, TN

What you do: At the core I am an engineer specializing in studio mixing.  I also engineer recording sessions, mix front of house in various live concert and tour settings as well as tour manage.

What are you currently listening to? I really like well curated playlists that other people put together.  The past few days I have been jamming to the Indie/Pop playlist that Spotify curaited.  These playlists are great because it’s a lot of music I don’t know or relatively new releases and keeps my ears fresh with the times.  I still need to sit down and listen to the new John Legend record as everyone has told me its amazing.  Quite frankly I am a little behind on listening to things at the moment, its been a busy few months! 

Travis Ball Control Desk

Where do you want to go with your career?  The ultimate end goal is to be a full time studio mixer and living off that.  I’ve been working hard to establish myself as a mix engineer in the Nashville community as well as nationally, the next step is to keep hammering away at seeking out great clients while keeping my brand strong.  

One piece of advice for people about life or music?  I think the best advice I can give is to always keep pushing yourself to work harder than you did the day before and in my case always try to out mix myself on every song.  Never stop growing, never stop learning.  Set huge goals and figure out how to get on the right track to achieve them one small step at a time.  

Something you learned the hard way:  Get all the money taken care of before you agree to do a project or before you start a project.  Not only does this protect everyone involved but then you can start working creativity and not have to worry about if you sent out an invoice or it was fulfilled.  

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