Roxy Fitness

Roxy fitness is a company that strives to empower and provide women with great products for a healthy lifestyle. 

Kind of randomly, I landed a placement in one of their ads this past year. 

This placement came from getting runner up in a mix contest on Indaba Music

That lead to a sync deal with them, which then lead to opportunities. 

I was working with the hip hop group YND and we created a song called "Capes". The song was inspired by the 1975 and Michael Jackson. The tune itself, is really nothing like either but has guitar elements of the 1975 and drum machines like the songs of the 80's and early 90's. 

When we finished "Capes". I was really proud of it. 

That then got submitted to my guy at Indaba. He took the song, pitched it to Roxy for a commercial and it got placed. 

What do we learn here.... a random mix runner up contest that no one cared about (except me and about 300 other contestants) turned into a placement with one of the largest women's apparel companies in the world. 

Be faithful with the small things as they always add up to the big things. I can testify to that. Always give 100% of your effort to everything you work on. When your motivation is to just beat yourself and learn something new in the process, its always a success. The placement and credit that comes from that is just a bonus.