So how was 2017 for you?

Did you hit your goals? Did you lose the weight? Did you get married? Get healthy? Get Sick? Get a dog? Did you grow or did you shrink? Did you move forward or backwards? Did you fall in love or lose a loved one? Did the year go just like you planned it? Do you have it all figured out? 

Are you in a place you thought you would never be? 

Questions... so many questions, thoughts, hopes, dreams....so much good and so much bad happened in 2017. 

The world is on the verge of something new and great. We as humans are groaning that we need change, that what once maybe worked no longer works. We don't want to go back. We don't long for the "good old days", we long for the future.. a future that is more loving, peaceful, and to be lead by someone who cares for all people, not just the pretty and rich. 

The music industry is changing, things that used to work don't anymore. People who used to have jobs don't anymore, robots and AI are starting to eat into the industry, even my field is starting to be phased out by AI technology already. I feel it, I feel that things are shifting. 

I welcome it all. 

I want to give you wisdom for 2018. 

For any of you that feel like your world is a mess, that your life is not where you wish it were, that those in charge of our country don't care, that the loudest voices in the room seem to live on a different planet.... for those that are exhausted, full of what ifs, anxieties and uncertainties. For those that stay awake at night thinking.... Will anyone work with me again? Will the bills get paid next month? Will I have to get a job? Will my band break up this year? Will I have to wait tables another year? Will I have healthcare? Does anyone know how the heck to do taxes as a self employed person? How is Donald Trump still president? Will I always be numb and depressed? Will the things that used to be so easy in my life, which now seem impossible, will they ever go back to normal? Does anyone care about me? 

I want to give you wisdom. 

You are ok, people love you, and this too shall pass. 

If there is one thing that has been brought to my attention this past year from my clients, friends, and family, it's that they all need to hear this wisdom...

You are ok, you are loved, and this moment, this season you are currently in, that we are all in, will pass. You are enough. 

It always does. It all passes on and moves forward. You can't stop time or the universe from moving forward. You can't stop yourself from getting older. You can't stop and stay in the highlight reels of Instagram. 

You have to move forward and you are enough. 

Not only are you enough, but your exactly where you need to be. 

My blessing to everyone in 2018 is that you know that you are enough. That anytime you read a Facebook article on why the world is ending or that we may be going to war or that Trump did something that was shocking or that an industry is crumbling... that you remember that everything has a season. The history of mankind shows that people come to power and people lose power, that people make money, that people lose money, that people are full of joy and then there are seasons of grief and depression. It all flows. The wisdom in all of this is that everything that is happening currently in our world and in your life has happened before. 

The resounding echo from the start of mankind is that, you are ok, you are blessed, and that you are enough. 

Now I know it doesn't always feel that way. I have been in the pit of numbness before, where life feels like a waste, but what I have learned is that those things eventually pass. That moment is not all moments and that if I am actively participating in the healing of myself and the world then I get to move forward with the universe. The things that once scared me no longer do. The things I used to fear, I laugh at. The unresolved hurt in my life is healing and it all came from the wisdom of the past... the wisdom that I am ok, I am loved, and that I am enough. 

If you're reading this, we most likely have talked before. I am so grateful for the conversations and interactions. What a gift. 

2017 is done, gone, we don't go back to it, we can learn from it, but it's now a memory. 2018 hasn't happened yet, all you have is right now, and all you need to know is that you are enough. 

Let 2018 be a year of healing and being present. May it be a year of action for all of us. May we spend less time online and more time with real people. Proper relationships are the key to life. If you feel like your life is disconnected, that you're not enough and that you're not ok, then go find some people to actually talk to. The universe is a beautiful place full of amazing people who all have the same fears and desires as you. 

You are ok, you are loved and you are enough. May that echo in your head for all of 2018.





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