Pat Kiloran



Originally from Stillwater, MN. Now living in Nashville, TN after bouncing around in Los Angeles and Toronto for a couple years.


What you do:


Many things. As of recently, I am focused on my band (MILKK) which started in April and had an unexpectedly quick burst of interest through social media. I also produce artists from time to time here in Nashville and play for other artists on the road or in the studio. Additionally, I do extra things like guitar tech work, songwriting, and mixing jobs here and there.


What are you currently listening to?


I have had the new Calvin Harris/Frank Ocean/Migos track "Slide" on repeat for the last few days. I've been revisiting Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Ryan Adams recently as well. Also, a lot of 90's and 00's hits for some reason.


Where do you want to go with your career?


Ideally, the current goal is to push the band as far as it will go. We have a somewhat specific yet still loose plan in place to make that happen in the next couple years. We just have to see if our predictions work. But we fully intend for it to be a touring band, which sometimes is hard to find in Nashville. I'd also like to continue writing with/for other artists and playing for/producing other artists when I can.


One piece of advice for people about life or music:


As far as music goes: don't take yourself too seriously. It will drain you massively and crush your creative spirit. If you can keep it loose and be willing to try things that are non-conventional and push against the box (especially in Nashville), you will likely find more success as well as more enjoyment in what you are working on.


Something you learned the hard way:


DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THINGS YOU CAN LEARN TO DO YOURSELF. This is not to say don't hire someone who is way better than you at something you might be able to do. But if you have a proclivity towards something, there is no reason you shouldn't take on the task yourself, as long as the result is quality.


Something you're proud of:


MILKK on Twitter/Instagram: @wearemilkk

MILKK on Spotify: