“Success isn’t always about ‘Greatness’, it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” - Dwayne Johnson

Consistency in life is easily one of the greatest factors in becoming a happy whole human. We live in an age where consistency is neglected, where we can access anything at anytime and do just about anything at the click of a button. This can create a ton of exciting freedom but can also create a lifestyle or business that is all over the map.  

When I started my career in music, I was all over the place. I didn't have a set schedule, I didn't have really any disciplines. I would just work when people wanted it. I would go to shows as they came up, I would let other people dictate my schedule and it left me burnt out and struggling to create anything sustainable.  

Over the last year I have started to have consistency in all areas of my life and it has forever changed it. When you are consistent not only do you train yourself but you also begin to train your consumer. For years I struggled with my health. It was up and it was down. I would gain weight and I would lose weight. Until the last year, I would be really good 90% of the time and then emotionally eat at the worst times and destroy all my progress. I would crush my workouts for a few months and then just get burnt out. There was no real sustaianable consistency. All of my motivation and choices were emotionally driven which only lasts so long. 

Until I began to view myself and my business truly long term and that things take time, lots of time, I never made the progress I wanted.  

Consistency is all about doing small things over and over again. It's all about laying down a solid foundation. For me personally, instead of trying to change my whole diet and lifestyle, I began to work in a few things here and there. Just eat one meal better a day for a week. Once that was mastered, then I moved onto another meal... and so on. Now I eat really well all week long and I can't imagine eating how I used to. This took me a whole year to do. It was not fast, it was not easy, but with consistency I found my body started to pay attention. It started to get on board with it. I was retraining my whole relationship with food and emotion. With the gym, I started working out less but more intentional. Instead of working out five days a week for an hour, I now consistently go three days a week for around forty five minutes, but during that time I am absolutely destroying it. This took over a year to develop.  

With all of this, the shift that helped me become consistent, was to see that any major change that was going to be impactful and worth doing was going to take years and years. Anything worth doing takes time. Knowing that something may take years and years to do can make people crumble and never start. If you're willing to break down what you're after and just start to implement small things into your life a year at a time, suddenly a few years go by and you're a different person. Your business is growing and thriving, you are healthier and you have accomplished so much by doing so many small things consistently. What once seemed impossible is now a normal routine.  

With businesss, I began to be more consistent on social media and interacting with clients. In November of last year, this blog started. I began to post on social media once a day. It literally takes a minute to post to social media but for the longest time I just didn't do it. Blogging consistently has become one of the most beneficial things for Moses Mastering. We are creating a real community of people that are working hard, being honest, and growing as humans and in business. In November I had around 80 unique visitors to my website per month. I had never been consistent with interaction online. This past month after consistently posting and blogging, I had around 1800 unique visitors to the website. In seven months my audience has grown by 1700 people. These are real people who show up, who care, and who interact with me. On social media I have gained around 1500 real followers and engagement is growing daily. This all came from posting once a day. This has brought in more business then anything I have tried to do before, and it's all from being consistent and giving content that adds value to people.  

Moses Mastering is only where it is at because of consistency. When I started to implement things here and there that I knew were good habits everything began to change. We live in an attention driven world. People want to see things, interact with things, they need to be reminded that you are there, that you care and that you have things you can offer them. 

From a personal standpoint this consistency that I have created in my lifestyle has allowed me to free up so much headspace. I am functioning at a much more higher level then I have before yet I'am working far less. I am working smarter, not harder.  

In my mentoring when I start people out on how they can improve their business, we always start with things that are so simple. Most of my clients laugh at my homework for them, but I tell them that this is a new thing your doing, and you need to do it everyday. We want to master that thing and then build off of that. For a lot of my clients I mentor, I try to get them to contact one new person a day who they would like to work with. It literally takes about three minutes to do this. If they do this, they will have 365 new potential clients by the end of the year. It's so simple, but the majority of them miss a day between 5-7. The excitement wears off and for some reason something so simple seems to not have value. But with consistency, when they start doing it again, then they start to see it add up. When they land a new client from spending three minutes a day it all clicks. It's really marketing 101.... it's so simple. It just requires consistency and not giving up or compromising on simple small disciplines.  

So this week, start a new healthy habit. Something that is super easy to implement into your life and stay with it. Just do the one thing and until it becomes muscle memory, don't move on to anything else. Don't be a person who just consumes. Become a person who values mastery over content. If you do that, you will become a giant in life and business.