Overstayer MAS


Early in 2016, I added the Overstayer M-A-S to my mastering chain. I used it on a Tropical House artist Teasley, who got raving reviews on his release “Hit It”. It landed in MTV top 10. I also used it on The Narrative's album that has already received lots of good press as well. 

What I like best about the Overstayer M-A-S is that it adds great color and depth to tracks. It just sounds right. I've spent years chasing sounds or colors that are in my head, and the Overstayer makes them much easier to find. I think what artists want from a Mastering Engineer is the depth, color, and roundness of expensive analog gear. We live in a digital age, which I embrace in my signal chain, but there is something so right about music hitting real transformers and analog gear that makes our ears perk up.

The Overstayer M-A-S helps make every project I work on unique, not an imitation. When an artist shares their music with you, you have to respect it, take care of it, and listen to it. The music tells me what to do and what to use, and it has been such a joy to hear how well the Overstayer fits on some of my more recent projects. Check out the artists above to hear some amazing tunes and the Overstayer in action.